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Ambassador to UNESCO

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Να jy^yDate 28 March 1978 THE HON. ANDREW PEACOCK M.P.


The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Andrew Peacock, today announced the appointment of an eminent Australian scientist, Professor Ralph Slatyer as Ambassador to UNESCO.

Professor Slatyer has been Chairman of the Australian National Commission of UNESCO since 1976, having been a member of the Commission for the past seven years. His association with the work of UNESCO has extended over 20 years with his activities

largely concentrated on UNESCO's science programs. In October 1977, he was elected Chairman of the major intergovernmental program on "Man and the Biosphere".

Professor" Slatyer has been Professor of Biology and Head of the Department of Environmental Biology at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the Australian National University since 1967. Previously he was Associate Chief of the CSIRO Division · of Land Research. Professor Slatyer holds the rare international distinction of being both a Fellow of the Royal Society of London

and a Member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.

During his international activities, Professor Slatyer has acted as a consultant to the UN Environmental Program, W.H.O. and F.A.O. In addition he has been directly involved in the work of the International Council of Scientific Unions and is

currently Chairman of a Program involved in environmental management.

Mr Peacock said that Professor Slatyer had assisted the Government through his participation in a number of important committees. In recent years these have included the Australian Research Grants Committee, the National Capital Planning Committee

and the Australian Science and Technology Council.

Mr Peacock said that Professor Slatyer's international reputation in tbs fields of education and science, together with his long association with UNESCO and other international bodies made him an ideal appointee as Australian Ambassador to UNESCO.

Professor Slatyer, a graduate of the University of Western Australia, is married with three children. He will . take up his appointment in Paris later in the year.