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Bruce college of TAFE offers facilities to external studies students

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external studies students of other educational

institutions are "being offered the use of the Bruce College

of Ϊ'.,Ρβ facilities.

Students arc being offered library facilities, spare

^^places in c l a s s e s , facilities for meetings and a new

contact network for meeting other -externo.l studies students

in the , . a .T who are studying the same subject.

"This is the first time a TaPl college has gone out

of its way to help other people's students, the college

p r i n c i p a l , Hr ?.J. Ibbotson, said yesterday.

It can be done at no extra cost to us, except perhaps

a few repairs to library b o o k s , he said..

" · . . e want external studies students to telephone us

and let us know where they are and what they are studying.

There were about one thousand external studies student

^2_? :in the ACT enrolled in universities and colleges in New

South w a l e s , · . . est ern Australia and South Australia. Their

heed of study facilities and. mutual contact would be

catered, for by Bruce · ollege of TAP'S.

H r Ibbotson has advertised his four-fold offer: use of

Bruce ..-ollege library (on proof of enrolment) ; a contact

network c mailed by Bruce staff of names, actresses and

courses studied so that sfcucents can discover each other

and talk about their mutual study; accomodation for groups

of ■ ho -.ant a meeting rc m: and n n r e ^Igc-'· in

Bruce college classes.

c e n t ...



itr Ibbotson said there could he half a dozen students

living close to each other and. study inf the same course.

Bruce College would circulate names and addresses so they

can meet for mutual study b e n e f i t .

An external studies student would benefit by talking

with someone else doing the same subject. If students will

, contact us we will circulate a list of names and acldresses

' ^ f o r their convenience, H r Ibbotson said.

As a result, if a group wanted a meeting ro m, the

Bruce college wo·.Id assist anywhere on the campus at

Belconnen, eston, Lyneham, F y s h w i c k , Acton or iiarrabund.ah

,:If there ere places available in c l a s s e s , and, if our

teachrrs are satisfied that accepting other students will

not affect the class, v;e will gladly allow students to

attend classes for their own b e n e f i t , Mr 1 ibotson said.

Students can contact anj'- staff member at any College centr

if they vant to take advantage of the offer, -he Belconnen

number is 5 2 0 4 1 1, and the numbers for Building, electrical,

.Engineering·, Science and General Studies Schools are in

the telephone directory.

Mr Ibbotson knows well the problems of external

studies students.

”1 was one myself o n c e , and ' also ran :xn external

studies college in ..estern Australia for 15,000 students .

I know ho·.· wital it* is to be dole to talk to someone else

stuc.ying the same s u b j e c t , ’ he said.

..hide living in v u n b u r y , estern Australia, years

ago, he studied for his . iplcnvr of sducat on ..dminictr-mtor. with the university of Hew England, 2Γ.ίΙ.... ■



Mr Ibbotson said all college staff were ready to help

any external studies sbtidents, and were ...ccepting

inquiries at all cent ss.

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