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Australia's requirements for TFF project outlined

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FRIDAY 1 DECEMBER 1978 NO. 200/78



The Minister for Defence, Mr D.J. Killen, said today

that, following his statement on the Tactical Fighter Force

(TFF) Project during his Defence Review in Parliament on

24 October, steps were being taken to continue the development

of the project.

In a series of briefings and discussions in

Canberra, which concluded today, representatives of relevant

Australian industries and the suppliers of the four contending

aircraft - General Dynamics F-16, Mirage 2000, McDonnell Douglas

F/A-18 and the Northrop F-18L - and associated systems, were

advised of plans for the development of an Australian Industry


The objectives of the industry program were :

. To provide in industry the capability to

undertake required engineering, maintenance

and spares support for the aircraft, its

systems and equipments during the service life

of the aircraft; and

. To establish, maintain or enhance the defence

aircraft and related industry capabilities in

general and provide a balanced, stable, on-going

.·â– * .

workload using the opportunities presented

by the project.

It was made clear by the Defence and Productivity

Department representatives, led by Defence Deputy Secretary

D.H. Eltringham, that the Australian Government required an

offset of at least 30 per cent of the imported cost of the

TFF Project.

Mr Killen said that this was in addition to

"designated work" - that part of the production activities,

associated with equipment being purchased, carried out by

Australian industry for the Government"1 s own strategic reasons.

Mr Killen stressed the value of this work to

Australian industry and emphasised the importance of becoming

involved in high technology tasks. He confirmed that the

quality, price and delivery of work from Australian industry

would need to be competitive with overseas sources if full

advantage was to be taken of the opportunities which the TFF

would offer. :

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