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Long service leave entitlements for private sector employees

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The Minister for the Capital Territory, Mr Bob Ellicott, has '

announced that as from Tuesday, 8 August, private sector employees

in the ACT were eligible for payment of long service leave . .

entitlements when they retire or resign after 10 years' continuous'

service with an employer. : .

Until 51 December 1978, retiring or resigning employees would be

eligible for 85 per cent of the pro rata payment, he said. From

1 January 1979 they would be entitled to the full pro rata payment.

Previously, pro rata payment of long service leave entitlement had

been available only when an employee died, was unable to work because

of an illness or other pressing reason, or had service terminated.

Anyone retiring or resigning in those circumstances would continue to

be entitled to full pro rata payment. ■

The only circumstance where an employee was ineligible for payment

would be when service vzas terminated because of serious and wilful

misconduct. ' > ·

Mr Ellicott said the changes had been made, and were included in an

amendment to the Long Service Leave Ordinance 1976-, after representations

from the ACT Employers Federation. The amendment also followed a

decision of the Conciliation and Arbitration Commission.'