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Taxi fares to rise

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, -Canberra taxi fares will rise from Tuesday, 24 January, although some increases will not be passed on until taxi meters have been

. converted to the new rates.

■ The new and present rates are (present in parentheses): flag fall 500

(450), kilometre rate 1 ‘270 (250),' kilometre rate 2 520 (280),

kilometre rate 3 2(V (18.750) and kilometre rate 4 240 (210).

Rates 1 and 2 apply to single hirings and 3 and 4 to' multiple ones.

" Rates 1 and 3 operate Mondays to Fridays, but as from Tuesday the·'

applicable hours will be 7am to 7 pm instead of 6am to midnight as

Taxi drivers cannot charge the new rates 2,3.and 4 and multiple hire,

under the Taxi and Private Hire Car Regulations, until the meters have

been adjusted. · ' ' ·

The increases are to compensate taxi proprietors for increases in operating

costs over the last year. .

of now. Rates 2 and.4 apply at all other times, including public holidays.

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