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T.P.C. report on packaging and labelling laws in Australia

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DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS AND CONSUMERTA^BAIRS The Commonwealth Government has now completed

its consideration of the Trade Practices Commission Report

jon Packaging and Labelling Laws in Australia.

This was stated today by the M i n i s t e r for

Business and Consumer Affairs when addressing the F ourth

Annual General Meeting of the Australian Federation of

Consumer Organisation. .

Mr Fife said that the report had created .

wide ranging interest among business and consumer groups and

among consumers generally. The Government’s consideration had bee

greatly assisted by submissions from many of these g r o u p s .


The Minister said that the Federal Government

considered that the task of achieving uniformity throughout

Australia in laws relating to Packaging and L a b e lling is of

the highest priority. The Government had directed each. Minister

to undertake a special drive to identify and resolve problems

arising from non-uniformity.

"Considerable progress has already b e e n

made ^such as in the areas of food and drugs, by the Commonwealth

Minister for Health, the Hon. R.J. Hunt in consultation

with his state colleagues."

"In addition to the special drive in each area

the Government considers it of the utmost importance that there

be discussions between Commonwealth, State and Terri t o r y

Governments to make a co-ordinated effort to improve uniformity

throughout Australia.


^ I n this connection the Government has decided

that there should be one Commonwealth Minister n o m i n a t e d for

this task. "

------------------------------- : --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; — ·â–  <*/2


tf I, as Minister for Business a n d Consumer

Affairs have been asked to initiate these dis c u s s i o n s following

consultations with my Ministerial colleagues.

I hope that State administrations w i l l Join

with me in p ursuing greater uniformity. .

Mr Fife said that as part of this initiative,

the Commonwealth Government would be seeking ways t o ensure that

information on Laws on Packaging and Labelling throughout Australia

were more readily available to both business a n d c o n s u m e r s .

"If Packaging and Labelling r e q u i r e m e n t s were

the same for all States and Territories there w o u l d be cost

savings to industry through greater economies of scale whi c h

could, in turn, be reflected in lower prices for consumers."

"I welcome these developments in P a c k a g i n g and

Labelling wh i c h are designed to give greater i n f o r m a t i o n to


"The benefits to consumers f r o m t h e s e measures

will be increased if they are introduced on a u n i f o r m basis."

Mr Fife said. . . . .


16 SEPTEMBER 1978.