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IAC interim report- vices

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The Minister for Industry and Commerce, Mr Phillip lynch and the

Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs, Mr Wal. Fife, announced today that

the Government had decided to adopt the recommendations of the Industries

Assistance Commission's interim report on Vices of 28 April 1978.

As a consequence, tariff quotas will be maintained to assist the

manufacture of industrial vices (as defined in the Commission's interim report)

until at least December 1978.

If the Government has not received and decided upon the Commission's

recommendations on the long-term protective needs of the industry by the end of

the year, further quotas will be issued by the Department of Business and

Consumer Affairs for the period 1 January 1979 to 50 June 1979ยท

The Government has decided to discontinue the tariff quotas on

handyman vices, from July 1978, in line with the Commission's recommendations.

The Government has noted the Commission's comments that only a small

proportion of the production and sales of locally-made vices fall into the

handyman classification and that the m^jor local producer of vices did not

oppose the requests of other witnesses'at the public hearing for the termination

of quotas on this category of vices.

While the level of tariff quota applying to industrial vices has been

raised from $150,000 per annum to $200,000 per annum, the additional duty of

$12 per vice for imports in excess of the quota remains unchanged.

Quota entitlement will continue to be in proportion to imports of

industrial vices entered for home consumption in the period 1 July 1975 to

50 June 1976. Vices entitled to entry under New Zealand or Papua New Guinea

tariff preference will continue to be exempt from quota control.

Importers should note that quota instruments for industrial vices

will henceforth be transferable.

Copies of the Commission's report will be available in the near

future at Australian Government Publishing Service Bookshops in each of the

capital cities.


7 June 1978