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Copyright: Photocopying

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(5) Law Reform Commission

Legislative Drafting Institute

Australian Institute of Criminology

Criminology Research Council.

(6) The delays in tabling the reports were caused

in each case by the delays in the finalisation of the

Auditor-General * 1 2 s reports.

* * -it * *

Page 1820


(Question No. 704)

SENATOR COLSTON asked the Attorney-General, upon

n o t i c e , on 12 September 1978:

(1) Did Dr Judith Wright',' an Australian poet,

comment, in the Courier-Mail, 22 August 1978, that she

was 1 starving1 and blamed an unfeeling education system

and 1 a pirate photocopying machine 1?

(2) Can anything be done to protect the rights of

Australian authors against the abuse of photocopying

facilities outlined by Dr Wright?

SENATOR DURACK - The answer to the honourable senator's

question is as follows:

(1) Yes.

(2) The Franki Committee on Reprographic

Reproduction has considered and reported on this

question. The Government proposes to introduce


legislation to amend the Copyright Act so as to

establish a scheme enabling authors to claim

remuneration from education bodies for the photocopying

by those bodies of literary works and text books. The

proposed legislation will in substance implement the

recommendations of the Franki Committee.


15 November 1978

Page 2086


(Question No. 972)

SENATOR,. EVANS asked the Attorney-General, upon notice,

on 26 October 1978:

Did the Australian National Group consult any

of the following groups before making its nominations

of candidates for the International Court of Justice:

(a) the High Court;

(b) legal faculties and schools of law; and

(c) national academies and national sections

of international academies devoted to

the study of law, '

in accordance with the recommendations of Article 6 of

the Statute of the International Court. If not, which,

if any, individual judges, academies and lawyers from

those groups were consulted. .