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Australian Passports

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10 October 1978

Page 1159


SENATOR MULVIHILL - I direct a question to the

Attorney-General. It is a follow-up to a series of

questions which I have asked. What is being done by the

Attorney-General's Department to undertake prosecutions

of people possessing illegal or forged Australian

passports - a manifestation of white collar crime?

SENATOR DURACK - Senator Mulvihill has asked me a

number of questions in relation to this matter. I

undertook to obtain ■ information. I apologise for the

delay which has occurred. I understand that Senator

Mulvihill was principally concerned about the

procedures which existed between the Department of

Foreign Affairs and my Department. I advise that the

Attorney-General's Department provides legal advice to

the Department of Foreign Affairs from time to time on

whether there is a legal basis for the Minister for

Foreign Affairs to cancel or to refuse to issue a

passport. Of course, the passport■ legislation falls

within the administrative responsibility of the

Minister for Foreign Affairs. If an offence under the

Crimes Act - for example, forgery or bribery - is

committed in connection with a passport application,

the matter would be referred to my Department. I am

also informed that there, is no backlog of cases

concerning prosecution or possible prosecution of

persons for offences under the passport legislation.

Arrangements for co-operation between the two

departments are operating satisfactorily. If Senator

Mulvihill has any particular question in relation to

white collar crime to which he has referred today, and

if he gives me more particulars about the matter he has

in mind, I shall follow it up.


SENATOR MULVIHILL - Mr President, I wish to ask a

supplementary question. I think that in one of three

question which I asked I referred to t h e .Gold Coast

land speculator Flynn who masqueraded as a memeber of

the Australian' Railways Union. This is a matter which

would involve extradition from Britain and I mentioned

it in one of my earlier questions.

SENATOR DURACK - I recall senator Mulvihill referring

to this case. On investigation I find that it is still

current. It would not be appropriate for me to make any

statement at this stage.

* * * *

12 October 1978

Page 1259


SENATOR BUTTON - I ask the Attorney-General whether his

Department has taken any interest, by way of watching

brief or otherwise, in the prosecution of two directors

of Gollin Holdings Ltd, in respect of misappropriation

of f u n d s . If so, has the Department considered the

evidence in which it was alleged that $25,000 of

misappropirated funds was given to the Liberal Party of

Australia? Has the Minister satisfied himself whether

/ that allegation is correct?

. SENATOR DURACK - I am not aware whether there is any

interest by my Department in the proceedings against

the Gollin direc t o r s . Whether there is or ought to be

interest in a matter which I will look into.

* * * * *