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Australian Intelligence Organisations

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suggestion that by imprudence a person may be ■ able to

reduce his otherwise large income to meet the income

test. However, if such a case has been drawn to Senator

Missen's attention, if he passes on the particulars to

me I will have the matter investigated.

I might just add in relation to this question

generally - I have already announced this publicly but

I have not informed the Senate - that at the moment I

am conducting a review of the means and needs test

generally and other aspects of the administration of

the legal aid scheme. I hope to be able to make a

further announcement in regard to these matters in the

near future.

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26 September 1978

Page 887-888


SENATOR SIBRAA .- My question is directed to the

Attorney-General. In vie w of the assertions made by Mr

Richard Hall in a hew publication called 1 The Secret

S t a t e 1 - specifically those that allege that the KGB

and other foreign intelligence organisations have

infiltrated A ustralian intelligence organisations -

will the Government consider establishing a c o n f i ­

dential joint party parliamentary committee to review

the activities and staffing of all Australian

intelligence organisations along similar lines to the

current practice in the United States of America?


SENATOR DURACK - The question asked by Senator Sibraa

concerns the establishment of a parliamentary committee

in relation to security matters. The position is that

the Labor Government, of which Senator Sibraa was a

supporter, established a royal commission into

security. It was presided over by Mr Justice Hope, who

made a large number of recommendations after a very

exhaustive examination of the Australian security

system. Last year the Prime Minister announced the

acceptance of Mr Justice Hope's recommendations and

foreshadowed the intentions of the Government in regard

to implementing the recommendations. I am at the moment

and have been for some time in the process of drafting

legislation which will give effect to them, and in the

decisions the Government has taken in that regard it

has not included any question of establishing a

parliamentary committee to oversee the security

organisations. No doubt there will be ample opportunity

later in this, session for the Senate and other place to

debate the Government's proposals and measures in this


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Page 888


SENATOR MULVIHILL - My question is a reiteration of

what I asked the Attorney-General last T h u r s d a y . How

effectively is his Department meshing with the

Department of Foregin Affairs to flush out the large

number of people in possession of false passports? I am

not overlooking Miss Biggs of M e l b o u r n e .