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Industrial Disputes: Federal and State Unions

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those charged are persons whose names were included in

the documents tabled in the Senate in 1973 by the then

Attorney-General, Senator Murphy, when- the Senate was

concerned with Croatian terrorism? Does the Minister

have the names of such persons who have a consistent

association with terrorist organisations or activities

and who are known to be involved in acts against a

friendly power?

SENATOR DURACK - These are people who are now on very

serious charges as a result of raids. It would be

totally improper and, indeed, deplorable, if I were to

make any statments implicating or implying in any way

the guilt of the people in those proceedings or in

other proceedings.

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SENATOR MULVIHILL - I direct a question to the

Attorney-General, both in his own ministerial capacity

and as the Minister representing the Minister for

Employment and Industrial Relations. I refer to the

repeated pleas by Sir John Moore about the failure to

provide some detailed apparatus that will meet a

dispute where one of the parties has State trade union

registration and the other is in the Federal sphere.

The Minister will know of the case I am talking about,

involving the Transport Workers Union of Australia in

New South Wales and the Waterside Workers Federation of

Australia and concerning a container dispute. I make

the point that, with changed working operations, there


will be more of these genuine disputes. Can he say what

the Government is doing to meet the concern of Sir John

Moore as well as my concern and the concern of Senator

Bishop when we raised it 12 months ago in relation to

the Estimates?

SENATOR DURACK - I take it that Senator Mulvihill is

referring to the vexed problem known as the Moore v.

Doyle situtation. Is that the one? .


SENATOR DURACK - I thought so. That is why I have

decided that at this stage I should fall back on my

right not to give legal opinions in answer to

questions. I recognise the enormous complexities and

difficulties that are inherent in this and the lengthy

debates, political and otherwise, that have gone on

about it, and the concern felt by everyone who works in

the jurisdiction. I will refer the matter to the

Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations and

discuss with him just what is the present state of

play, if I might use that expression, in relation to

the problem. ■

SENATOR BUTTON - It is an eight-year-old game.

SENATOR DURACK - Yes. There are a lot of games that go

on for longer than that. Some of them go on forever. I

hope, having done that, I will be in a better position

to provide a more detailed answer to Senator

Mulvihill1s question.

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