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Electorate redistribution inquiry

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SENATOR WRIEDT - My question is directed to the

Attorney-General and I ask: In view of the answer he

just gave Senator, in which he said that the

information he recieved from Senator Withers was much

the same, to use his words, as the information

contained in Senator Withers' letter of 21 April, does

he agree that the term 1 much the same1 also means ' not

the same'? Now that he has conceded that it is not the

same information, will he tell the Senate what was the

other information given to him by Senator Withers? ■

SENATOR DURACK - What real strains the Opposition is

now under. It is really staining for evey possible

little thing it can get. I am asked what 1 much the

same' means. I should have thought that any man with

any common sense —

SENATOR WEBSTER - They have not got it.

SENATOR DURACK - No, they have not got it. When you

have a conversation with somebody and he gives you some

information you do not recall it word for word, detail

by detail. What I am saying, what I have always said -

and it is the absolute truth - is that the statement in

the letter from Senator Withers was the account that he

gave of his phone call and discussions with Pearson

about the change of name, what Mr Pearson could do, and

so on. Those matters were the same, .apart from verbal

differences or small details. Despite my reasonable

memory, I do not have instant recall of every word that

was said to me on 14 April, or whatever it was. That is

all I meant by saying 'much the same 1.