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Attorney-General for overseas talk

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us to lose sight completely of familiar landmarks and

become lost. But granted that proper caution, the Bill

is of a revolutionary kind. It sets the legal framework

for an important element of the policy of open

government and it provides another means by which

government can be called to proper account by the



21 August 1978


* * * * *


The Attorney-General, Senator Peter Durack,

Q.C. leaves Australia today to visit Washington and


The primary purpose of his visit is to

participate in consultations arranged some time ago

with the United States Government concerning the

extraterritorial enforcement of antitrust laws.

The jurisdiction which the United States

authorities have recently asserted for their antitrust

laws led to the enactment in 1976 of the Foreign

Proceedings (Prohibition of Certain Evidence) Act.


Other countries including the United Kingdom

and Canada have enacted similar legislation.

The consultations at Washington will not

relate to any particular proceedings but will endeavour

to achieve a better understanding of the issues

involved in enforcement policies and procedures. In

particular they will explore how the extraterritorial

enforcement of United States antitrust laws might

accommodate the laws and important government policies

of Australia. .

Senator Durack will take the opportunity to

have other discussions in Canada and the United States,

including recent developments in constitutional renewal

in Canada, human rights and the operation of the United

States freedom of information legislation.

He will return to Australia on September 11.


25 August 1978


# * * * *


The Commonwealth and State Ministers

responsible for censorship met in Sydney today and

discussed problems which had arisen from the screening

of R. Certificate films at drive-in theatres.