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New chairman for films board of review

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The Committee will investigate the ways in

which present preventative measures are beirig

circumvented and will recommend to Cabinet possible

legislative or administrative changes necessary to

eliminate or reduce the problem.


2 March 1978


* * , # * #


The Attorney-General, Senator Peter Durack,

today announced the appointment of war historian and

diplomat, Mr Dudley McCarthy, as the new chairman of

the Films Board of Review.

Mr McCarthy will succeed Mr Stanley Hawes,

the first chairman of the Board when it was created

seven years ago.

Senator. Durack said the Government wished to

thank Mr Hawes for the work he had done while chairman.

He had> presided over the Board during a particularly

difficult period in the classification of films.

Under his chairmanship, the Films Board of

Review had applied with sensitivity and discretion

standards which reflected current community attitudes.

The Attorney-General said Mr McCarthy had an

international reputation for his work as a war

historian. He was the author , of the volume of

Australia's official war history dealing with the army

26 -

in the South West Pacific area. He 'had also written ■ .

radio plays and television documentaries dealing with

aspects of the war and service life.

During his career as a diplomat, Mr McCarthy

has been the Australian Ambassador^to Spain, Ambassador

to Mexico and the Australian Minister at the United

Nations, Senator Durack said. ,

Mr McCarthy was appointed a member of the

Films Board of Review last year. The other members of

the Board are Miss Caroline Jones (Deputy Chairman),

Professor A.G. Hamer, Dr M. Middleton and Mr D .


The function of the films Board of Review is

to hear appeals lodged by film importers and

distributors about the classification of films by the

Film Censorship Board. ‘

Senator Durack said Mr McCarthy had been

appointed the Chairman of the Board until the end of

next year. . .


9 March 1978


■ # ■ * * * *


The Attorney-General, Senator Peter Durack,

today announced the appointment of Mr John Foster

Gallop", Q.C. as a Judge of the Supreme Court of the

Northern Territory. He will also become a Judge of the

Federal Court of Australia.