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Remuneration tribunal 1979 review

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Media Release From the Office of John McLeay minister for administrative services

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. · '■ ■ *■ " " " 'i /.,■ >:■ , . · · ·" ' - · ··*.»*. .

' . u J) PRESS RELEASE * . ' 20th June, 1979


The Minister for Administrative Services (John McLeay) announced .

today that the Government had received the annual Review of the

Remuneration Tribunal. . . . '

The Review covers salaries and allowances for Members of Parliament,

Ministers and Parliamentary office-holders, as well as for Judges,

Heads of Commonwealth Departments and Statutory office-holders.

In the case of private Members and. Senators, the Tribunal has ·

taken into account the 4% National Wage Case increase of December.

1978 and has determined a. new basic rate of. $26,720. The Minister

said that the Government is prepared to accept this rate and any

increase that might flow.from the Impending National Wage Case

Decision, but it could not agree to the Tribunal's proposal that

National Wage Case Decisions apply automatically i.e., under .

present arrangements, twice-yearly adjustment. When Parliament

resumes, steps will be taken to ensure that automatic application

of National Wage Case Decisions on a twice yearly basis will not ' .

apply to the new rates indicated above. .

The Tribunal has also proposed increased salaries and allowances

for Ministers ar.d office-holders of the Parliament. In some cases,

these go well beyond what indexation would have yielded. While ·

the Government recognises that the objective of the Tribunal was to

see some readjustment of relativities in this field it is unable to

accept the proposals. To do so would have the effect of granting

proportionate increases greater than those received by the majority

of Australian wage and salary earners. .

' ■ ' . . . . . . . / 2


Accordingly, the Government will take steps, including by

legislation to increase present salaries for Ministers and '

Parliamentary office-holders only for indexation increases since

the last Review (i.e.) including any increase that might flow

from the impending National Wage Case Decision. Mr. McLeay recalled

that, last year, Ministers had not taken the increases then

proposed as they believed that they should be setting an example

of restraint to the community. Even now, the adjustment proposed

is on" rates of pay being received;since 1976 and is less than

indexation over that'period. , .

The other group covered by the Tribunal’s Review includes Judges .

and senior officials. In these cases, the-Government has accepted

the Tribunal's findings. The new rates of pay and allowances will

take effect from 1 July; necessary legislation in. relation'to;

Judges' pay and allowances will be introduced when the Parliament -

resumes. ■ . ·.·.’ · . · . .

Mr. McLeay added that where the Government *s decision was to apply

only indexation i n c r e a s e s t h e s e should-in justice include the ■ . - ■ i" . ■ " .'

current national wage case. ; . . .