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Conversion of 100 vehicles of departments Melbourne fleet to LPG

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The Minister for Administrative Services, John McLe.ay, and the

"Minister for National Development, Kevin Newman, announced in Canberra

today that a contract for the conversion to LPG of 100 vehicles

of the Department of Administrative Services Melbourne fleet had been

awarded to Olding Industries Pty. Ltd. of Clayton, Victoria. ..

The contract price of $67,408 includes the cost of safety factors such

as the sealing and the ventilating of the boot space of the vehicles.

The vehicles being converted to LPG include car-pool sedans, self­

drive sedans, utilities, panel vans and trucks from lk to 5 tonne.

Trials of LPG fuelled vehicles had been carried out in this fleet since

1972. . . ' ~

A system of monitoring the performance and maintenance of these

vehicles including checks on oil life performance will be.implemented

and the results of these checks will,· in due course, be made available

to the public.

Both Ministers stressed that the award of this contract was an

important step in the progressive application of the Government's,

policy of encouraging wider use of LPG in vehicles, including fleet

vehicles and higher mileage vehicles where the cost of conversion

could be speedily recovered. -

7;hey. added that a large number of Commonwealth and State Departments

and Instrumentalities are currently examining the scope of converting

vehicles to LPG and they urged motor manufacturers to offer LPG . .

engines as factory fitted options on new vehicles.

This, they said, would encourage more buyers to go LPG in the

. assurance that their purchase had the full backing of the.vehicle