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Press questions and answers

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Susan Coleman of Computer World (tel. (03) 635)5518) rang today seeking answers to the following questions relating to Government purchases of computing equipment. . She asked · ' if answers could be made available to her by 5 ρ.ιη. tomorrow evening. . - . - ■ · · ·

2. " The questions are: '

(i) open tender, is it Government policy that the Department requiring the equipment is . entitled to.specify the name of the manufacturer in the tender form. Attention is drawn to

tender no. T41/7G10/73/1 for supply and installation of. PDP11 computer equipment for the Defence Research Centre, Salisbury, S-A. . (Miss Coleman's expectation is that in an

open tender situation PD? would not have been . specified. ) .;v" ' ...

. (ii) Is it policy to send tender forms to all .

. Australian computer equipment manufacturers.

(iii) How many Australian computer equipment manufacturers would be on the distribution list. ;

(G. Semens)

21 February 197S


1 „ 'lr. gar.era 1· it is rot government policy that specific isention .be made cf the r.aneScf manufacturers in tender documents,’ In tlie case of Sender ho 42/7010/73/1 however, sound teelm leal reasons, including conpatahility vfith existing installation made

ir imperative that ΡΒΡΪ1 computer equipment "be specified, irsvious experience in purchasing Equipment manufactured "by digital equipment Corporation revealed that sdz there were a niw.fber cf agents for 2)JC in --Australia. i'here could also be

other agents who may wish to tender and for this reason public tenders were invited.' . .

2. lender forms are cent to all firms who are listed as having *

the capability to supply particular goods or services, . 1 In the case of computer purchases, known suppliers woold be circulated, ana the object of public invitation is to give·, suppliers other than those hrown to the. department the opportunity to obtain ten ’ .er forms and submit tenders should they feel that] t: ey can offer the . equipment, specified. , . · · "

3. i:o be or, a distribution list a nupilier would need to signify in tcrest in a particular requirement, either by responding to public tender invitations or by writing to the department, ‘ advising the requirement f o r fchiuh they would like to receive tender documents.

All Auetralic.n computer equipment manufac rurers who have signified their interest.would bo on distribution lists for particular classes of equips:■ nt. .·; . "

Authorised: Hr. G-. A. L o w ­ .. IiVi.3. Purchasing.;.

22 - ebrnary 1979.