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Question from "Computer Weekly"

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Questions From ”Computer ¥eekfyM

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t f E-'ftweetione How many computers is the Govexumeiit, currently r buying? A n s w e r

Division) currently has tlic following requirements in ha n d for ΐ <Χβ client departments indicated-:

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(a) Public Tenders Current lor Computer Systems

i C.Lί ent Australian Bureau of Statistics/Dopartment. of Trade & Resources

Closing Date 20 March. 1979


support of a national statistical information service

provision of facilities for Department of Trade & PesQurces ί

- to replace .existing· obsolete eifoipinent

•--it------ Client Housing- intd. Go.nstraction. ; '

Closing Date April 1979

Purpose ■ » ■

processing of administrative and teelmical applications ‘

' - to replace existing leased, equipment

iii Client Finance

Closing Date 20 February 1979

Purpose .

processing of major .government. accounting systems mid provision of computer facilities to out-riddr' offices and some other departments


— to enhance existing equipment

Client Roye.l Military College

CIO sing Da. t c 7 Fcbrun ay 1 979

processing of teaching» -research and administration, applications

to replace existing equipment

(to) Teivderf; Already Closed asdi. .under Evaluation.

- Client Defence .

ftequi rernent Mini-computer (1 )

lirrpasc Kavy acoustics application

(e ) To be Ordered laid or Esi;;tiag Contract

Client Defence

llegnircisent Mini - c omput ors (2)

. Purpose A further hatch in the Defence supply network program under a contract placed s&ycral years ago Perkin—Eimer following· pxfulic tenders*