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Aboriginal hostels limited's 1977 annual report

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. "Aboriginal Hostels Limited is a model of Aboriginal enterprise and Federal Government initiative. It is an example of what can be achieved in Aboriginal affairs", the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Mr Ian Winer said today.

2. In a statement issued after the tabling in Parliament of the Aboriginal Hostels Limited Annual Report, Mr Vinar said 88,2 per cent of the Company’s staff of 281 were Aboriginal or Islander Australians.

3i Mr Winer continued: "I wish to endorse the extent of the employment of Aboriginal and Islander people within the Company. It is a fine example of the Government’s policy of providing employment and training opportunities for Aboriginals within Aboriginal organisations."

4* He said the Government had recently concluded an agreement with the Company which set out the Company’s role and relationship with the Commonwealth. .

5. The Minister said it was one of his Department’s central aims to provide Aboriginals with opportunities equal to those of the Australian community generally in the areas of individual and community social and econ­ omic development. .

6. Many Federal and State Government programs for Aboriginal develop­ ment in education, employment training, nodical and alcoholic rehabilitation required the provision of temporary hostel accommodation.

7. "The authorisation of the Company's charter by the Government is therefore a clear expression of its confidence in the future role of Aboriginal Hostels Limited in Aboriginal social development", the Minister said.

8. Mr Winer said that following the Review of the Delivery of Services financed by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and the subsequent recommen­ dation of an Inter-Departmental Committee, ha was particularly pleased to note the measures the Company had taken to strengthen its administrative and management procedures in advance of the prospect of an expansion of its operations during 1978.

Canberra, ACT 28 February 1978