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Japanese beef quotas

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' · v . ‘ The Prime. Miiiisior; said today that the 2 5% increase

•in beef quotas azmounced- by the- Japanese Government was very

encouraging anil would significantly assist the Australian

A beefindustryo. ·:' "

-;·* , Q. ; Mr Fraser-.said that the- next 6 months q u o t a . would be

50-j>0€0-tonnes' compared-with the present quota of 40,000 tonnes,

' · ' ,· · . · ; · . The .Prime Minister recalled that he had discussed

beef':quotas with the Prime Minister of Japan, Mr Fukuda,

while in Kuala Lumpur early in-August for the Post-ASEAN

meetings« Is his discussions with Mr Fukuda, Mr Fraser had '

stressed that Australia sought greater predictability of access

to the Japanese market and proposed further negotiations to

\ . achieve this»..Mr Fukuda had agreed that officials from both

. countries should work closely together·id find ways of

. stabilising the trade» · .

.Accordingly late in September Australian officials

vislued Tokyo for discussions whrch were not immediately

. successfulo Mr Fraser said he then wrote to Mr Fukuda

expressing disappointment, and hoping that the Japanese Prime

Minister w o u l d .take a personal interest in ensuring progress

took place and offeree to send a senior Australian minister

to Tokyo for farther talks» . '

· ' . The Prime Minister said that Mr Fukuda had replied

agreeing to Ministerial discussions and suggesting that

officials continue to hold discussions»

. Mr Fraser said ‘ that only days ago the Government

sent the Secretary of the Department of Overseas Trade, :

Mr McKay, to Tokyo for further negotiations» .

■ The Prime Minister said that the Government was

pleased*with the results which had now been achieved and

would continue to pursue stable access and growth for beef

exports to the Japanese market,, . ' ' ■ .

Mr Fraser .said he" thank Mr Fukuda for

the role which he had personally played in achieving the

present outcome and added that the resolution of the

sugar problem and the initial progress achieved in increased

access for "beef would do much to .enhance the overall

relationship between Japan and Australia*

29 October 1977