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Joint statement on government-ACTU-ACSPA discussions

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FOR PRESS . 5 M Y 1977


A useful exchange of views occurred on the 1977/78 Budget.

There was discussion on the changed emphasis of the NEAT Programme with its stress on inplant training and the contribution which the new Craft Scheme had made. While the unions acknowledge the improvements which had occurred,

nevertheless they expressed some reservations about particular aspects of the operation of the schemes and they will be submitting a paper on these matters.

There was agreement on the desirability of tri-partite discussions involving the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations and other Ministers where necessary on the development of manpower policies. It was envisaged that subject to

consultation with the employers such discussions would occur as soon as the necessary preparatory work on all sides could be undertaken. Officials would be meeting to work out the agenda and it was accepted that substantive papers would need to be

prepared by all parties.

The ACTU referred to the legislation which the Government has already introduced bearing on the industrial relations area and there was agreement to continue these discussions at the meeting already arranged between the Minister for Employment and

Industrial Relations and the peak Councils in Melbourne on Wednesday next, the 11th May.