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Assistance for Isolated Families

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Families in isolated country, areas with more than one child

at primary or secondary school may be eligible for extra

benefits next year under the Scheme of Assistance for

Isolated Children. .

The Commonwealth Minister for Education, Senator Garrick,

said today the Government recgonised that children in

isolated areas were educationally disadvantaged whether they

studied at home or went away to school.

Senator Garrick said this was reflected in the Budget decisions

to adjust the means test and increase the maximum additional

boarding allowance under the Scheme of Assistance for Isolated


The Government had decided that if it was re-elected it would

introduce two more measures of assistance.

Where families in isolated areas had two or more children at

. school a concession in the calculation of the means test for *

special supplementary allowance would apply. •1 '· . . ;’ ·>·. " . . . · · . · - ' ·

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As a result, in a family with two children at school the rate

at which the level of special supplementary allowance decreases

with increasing income would be half what it is under the

present arrangements. ·.

2 -

In larger families the rate of decrease would be even

lower. ; . . r

Senator Garrick said the Government had also decided to

introduce a special supplementary grant for 1978 for beneficiaries

living in Tax Zones A or B of $100 without means test for each

child boarding away from home. The special supplementary grant

would also apply, for the first child only, where the family

maintained a second home so that the children could attend a

■ school. ■' ’ ■ ' ■ ■ '

He said the Government would also modify the present tax

provisions so that the benefits received under the Scheme would

not be counted as income when determining the amount of

entitlement for Tax Zone A or B allowances„

In the Northern Territory the Government would pay a

supplementary allowance up to $150 a year for children eligible

for the basic boarding allowance for isolated children and a

supplement of $50 a year for those children who qualified for

the basic correspondence allowance.

Senator Garrick said the Government would also cover the cost

of three return air fares for eligible Northern Territory

children who attended school in other parts of Australia,

instead of the present two return fares.

Under the general Scheme of Assistance for Isolated Children, * v

students may be eligible for a basic boarding allowance of

$500 free of means test or a basic correspondence allowance

of $200 free of means test. An additional boarding allowance,

subject to a means test and actual boarding costs is also

available as well as a special supplementary allowance for ■ ' . ’ ■ · _ ·*'

those in particular need.

- ■ ' ■ ■ . · · ■ ; ■ ■ . ; ■ · - · /3


Where families maintain a second home to allow a child to

attend a school, a basic allowance ($500 for the first child,

$425 for the second, $350 for the third, to a maximum $1275)

free of toeans test is payable, together with additional .

benefits subject to means test” , , : v :

if v ■r.

Canberra 24 November 1977

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