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Assistance to Non-Government Teachers Colleges

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Ministerial 2 & ^ . 6 June 1977 - .


The Commonwealth Minister for Education, Senator J.L. Garrick,

today released further details of changes in assistance to

non-government teachers colleges which are to take effect

from the beginning of 1978.

Senator Garrick said that a number of colleges would be

eligible for increased assistance for approved teacher

training courses. The institutions to benefit under the

new arrangements are:

New South Wales - Avondale College, Cooranbong,

Mount St Mary College, Sydney

Victoria - Christian Brothers College, Melbourne

Aquinas College, Ballarat.

Queensland - McAuley College of Teacher

Education, Brisbane

Xavier Teachers College, Brisbane

A.C.T. - Signadou Teachers College, Canberra.

Aquinas College, would, from the beginning of 1978, be

included under normal advanced education arrangements along

with six other colleges in New South Wales and Victoria

which have been supported under the Advanced Education program

since 1974.

The remaining institutions listed above which have been

receiving limited assistance for a number of years from the

— V'.\-

Commonwealth Government will be eligible, subject to .

certain conditions, to receive increased levels of support

within the programs of the Advanced Education Council of

the Tertiary Education Commission. From the beginning of

1978 these colleges would become eligible for per capita

assistance in respect to approved levels of enrolment

in specified teacher education courses.

The Minister explained that these institutions were ■ ; ■

considered to be worthy of support on the ground that they

made a useful contribution in the provision of appropriately

trained teachers for non-governmeht schools.

In explaining the new measures the Minister said that

non-government teachers colleges offered a significant

educational choice to many students intending to teach

in non-government schools. With a serious and continuing

decline in the membership of teaching religious orders

the colleges also provided :non-government school authorities .

with an important source of recruitment of teachers who

have a commitment to the non-government system. The

Government recognises that the distinctive character of

non-government schools depends on the availability of teachers

committed to the ethic on which the schools are founded.

The Minister said that despite the improved teacher supply

situation, non-government school authorities demonstrated

continuing difficulties of teacher recruitment, especially

in the country and in certain metropolitan areas.

The Minister said that he would be writing shortly to the

colleges advising them of the new arrangements and would

be seedking the advice of the Advanced Education Council

of The Tertiary Education Commission on the detailed

implementation of the program. *

As with other programs at the tertiary level the Government

will be asking The Tertiary Education Commission to examine the

possibilities for rationalisation of the use of resources.

- 3 -

The Minister added that the question of future "building

programs at all non-government teachers colleges which

are fully funded under the Advanced Education program,

would be referred to the Tertiary Education Commission

for detailed examination. ■ ·

An additional allocation of $3.08m in recurrent funds

will be made available to the advanced education program

in 1978, to cover the new arrangements. However the net

increase in support will be $1.87m. because of transfers

from other programs.

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