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Appointments to further education councils

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C A N B E R R A A .C .T .

M in iste ria l 1


4 January 1977


The M inister fo r Education, Senator G arrick, announced today the composition of -

the governing Councils fo r the four fu rth e r education in s titu tio n s in the ACT and

nominations to these Councils» - '

Two of the in s titu tio n s , Canberra TAPE College and Canberra School of Music, have

e x is tin g in terim or advisory Councils and appointments to th e ir new Councils

include most of the members of the e x is tin g bodies. The two other in stitu tio n s ,

w ill have new C ouncils,

They are the Canberra School of A rt, which became a separate in s t it u t io n in 1976

and the Bruce TAPE College which w ill begin functioning th is year.

The Councils w ill have a sim ila r p a tte rn in th e ir composition» Six members w ill

be drawn from persons involved in the operation of the in s titu tio n , v i z , the

Chairman, the D irector or P rin c ip a l (ex o f f ic io ) , two elected members of s t a f f , an

e le c te d re p re se n ta tiv e of the student's and a nominee of the Department of Education,

The remaining members w ill be composed of persons chosen e ith e r because of th e ir

knowledge of the needs of the ACT community or whose background and experience w ill

enable them to co n trib u te towards the f ie ld of operation of the p a rtic u la r

i n s t i t u t i o n , ' .

As the operation of in s titu tio n s of fu rth e r education i s based on both teaching

and non-teaching s t a f f , both groups w ill be involved in the e le c tio n of s t a f f .

re p re se n ta tiv e s to Councils,

One re p re se n ta tiv e of s ta f f w ill be drawn so le ly from the teaching s t a f f and the

second ele cted by the t o t a l s t a f f of the in s titu tio n .


The M inister announced the appointments to the Councils of the four in s titu tio n s

as follow s:

Canberra TAFE College Chairman:

Canberra School of Music Chairman:

Canberra School of A rt Chairmans

Bruce TAFE College Chairman:

' t .

■ S H


Mr H A Jones

Mrs K P eisley

Mr A A Robertson .

Mrs K Abbott

Mr I Jordan

Mr R Campbell

Mr C Hancock

Mr A L Moore

Mr R Hohnen

Mr E T Colhoun

Mr P Mosedale

Dr D Bridges

Mr K Tribe

Bishop N Chynoweth

Mr R E Kingsland

Dr G Caldwell

I r G B arlin

Mr H Farey

Mrs S Baas-Beeking

Mr G Blackman

Mrs C Blakers ,

‘ · f v ' . .

Mr K A rscott ■ 1 r ; -

Mons J Kelly

Dr S S Richardson

Mrs B Greethead

Mr A Marr

Dr A M illerd

Mr B Marcus

Mr J M Edmunds


C .

Since re p re se n ta tiv e s of students and s t a f f cannot be elected u n til the in s titu tio n s

resume in February, rep re se n ta tiv e s from s t a f f and students on the e x is tin g

in s titu tio n s w ill f i l l the ro le s u n til e le c tio n s can take p la c e .