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Yes vote gives power to people

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The May 21 referendum was designed to give power to the people - not to politicians, the Leader of the Government in the Senate, Senator R.G. Withers,said today. .

. Senator Withers said a YES vote in the referendums would make-, politicians more responsible to electors. It would ensure voters wishes were not manipulated*' or defied by politicians. . . .

"For once a YES vote will not give politicians .

more power," Senator Withers, said.

. "A YES vote will put power-,.in the hands of voters.

"A YES vote will ensure that people cannot defy the wish of the electorate. , . .

"These referendums are all about fairness, justice and commonsense. For that reason alone they should win the overwhelming support of the Australian people.

"Opposition to t h e ,referendums is opposition to the right of voters to express their wishes. Opposition to the referendums can only come from people who want more power for politicians but less responsibility.

"A YES vote will make politicians more honest.

"These proposals will stop unscrupulous politicians manipulating the system for their own advantage. They will stop Senators forcing elections without having to face the people themselves. . .

"A YES vote will give the Australian people a chance to build their ideas of commonsense, fairness and justice into the Constitution." '

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CANBERRA 7 April 1977