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PLO visas granted

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The Prime Minister today tried to conceal the fact that he and his Government now welcomes representatives of a terrorist organisation into Australia. The Palestinian Liberation Organisation is an organisation dedicated

to the destruction of Israel by.force. It has not hesitated to use terror and murder of innocent people, women and children included, as a means of'achieving its aims. Its senior member in Cairo will now be

granted a visa to visit Australia to propagandize, its aims. .

The Government by granting this visa will give support to its aims and its methods. There is no dispute that both sides of the Palestinian question should be heard, but representatives of a terrorist organisation,of whatever persuasion, operating by murder and subversion

should not be allowed into Australia. There are accredited representatives of both Arabs and Israelis already in'Australia, and outside, who could provide this debate.

Using its own logic the Government should be just as receptive to the Croatian Ustashi and other extreme right and left wing terrorist organisations. There . is obviously great danger to the internal peace and well-being of many thousands of Australians of overseas

origin if organisations using terrorist methods are allowed into Australia. Many people have come to Australia to avoid the problems of their home lands.

People of Arab and Jewish backgrounds have been living harmoniously and peacefully in Australia for many years. By allowing representatives of organisations such as the PLO to come into Australia grave disruption

of the good relations existing between these groups in Australia could occur.

There will be bitterness - there could be violence and bloodshed. '

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14th May, 1975. CANBERRA.