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Sinclair calls for Government action on wool price support

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, SINCLAIR CALLS FOR GOVERNMENT ACTION ON WOOL PRICE SUPPORT . ' __ !_________ · ■ - ’ . · ~_______' ' _______

The deputy leader of the National Country Party of Australia

and Opposition spokesman on Rural Industry, Mr. Ian Sinclair,

jsaid tbdtiy that there was need for an urgent Government decision

on whatr its attitude would be to wool price support during the

1975-76 wool selling season.

Mr. Sinclair accused the Government of -^procrastinating on the

need to make a decision.

"For three months, I have urged the Government to make a

decision." '

"The announcement of a decision then would have lifted buyer

interest in the Australian wool market and effectively demonstrated

to the international wool buying community that the Australian

Government would stand by the industry and not allow Australian wool

to be sold at bargain basement rates.

"I believe it is vital that the Government make a decision on the . b

level of vprice support for the coming wool selling season."

"In the setting of a level of support, account must be taken h - *rr

by the Government of the current price support level of

250 cents a kilo for 21 micron wool and rises mainly due in the

cost of wool production, . caused by " the inflationary policies of

the Government." . .

"I believe further account must be taken of the impact of wage

indexation, on future wool production costs and that the

Government should allow for, in the setting of the wool

price support level, indexation of the price support level."

"Wool price support level indexation would philosophically be

in line with the Government's arguments advanced before the

national wage case hearing, where the Government put the case for