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Convention 'unique'

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The first national Convention of my Party in Canberra from May 2-4, as far as I am awa r e , is a unique occasion in Australian


I do not think any other political party has ever staged a national convention based on open invitation to all its membership and friends to take part.

Certainly it is the first time the Country Party will have ever come together as a political family in national conference.

I see the Convention as a unique opportunity for the Party to recommit itself to looking after all people outside the two major metropolitan areas.

I x/ant the conference to infuse members with new vigour and enthusiasm for expanded membership and expanded operations, in preparation for the next Federal election, x/henever that may be, and for State elections.

I want a rededication to the political philosophy we stand for:

. That we are for maintaining the private sector of the economy;

, That wa are against socialism?

. That we stand for ensuring the security of this

n a t i o n .

I do not want anyone to have the impression the Convention signals any change in policy.

He have sound policy, philosophy and principles, which we will adhere to.

He will not be changing our long-held concepts, but we will be x/idening our approach.

In no x:ay should the Convention be looked on as a manner of poaching on the Liberal Party in other areas of Australia.

He want to see this Convention as a move towards greater unity of the two Parties in bringing about the defeat of Labor, Federally and elsewhere.


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