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Mr. Daly's gagging of the Parliament

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FOR PRESS 21.5.1975 F75/143



The motion by the Leader of Government Business, Mr. Daly, for the conduct of the Family Law Bill through the House has gagged the Opposition until its passage.

I have reason to believe that Mr. Daly will leave some part of

Λthe Family Law Bill in abeyance until the last hours of this · Autumn session.

If that proves correct the Government will have been guilty of

a blatant and deceitful destruction of the purpose of Parliament.

The effect of Mr. Daly's motion is to prevent Opposition business being raised in the Parliament until the Family Law Bill is passed.

There are a number of matters which need discussion. They include:

1. The continuing grave problems in the economy.

2. The fall in investment, which leads to higher unemployment.

3. The secret and perhaps sinister circumstances surrounding_the 2,000 million dollar loan that was to have been raised by the Minister for Minerals and Energy.

4. The failure of the Government to support the

continued operations of the Australian Wool Marketing Corporation. , .

These are all matters of consequence to Austraia. Under Mr. Daly's motion the Opposition is powerless to initiate debate using the means normally open to it. ·

"i know of no"other circumstances~in which our Parliament has been gagged in this unreasonable and authoritarian manner.

It is typical of the contempt with which this Government has

handled the affairs of Parliament over the past 2h years.