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Appointment of Mr Ellicott as Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

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Ttije .Ldadejr of the OjDpositibii $ Mr Malcolm Fibiasier > eilnoUhced today( t h a t ; Mr Ri JU Ellicotb hdd b^en aj?£>oinbed fetiadoiir Miriishdr for Aboriginal Affa i r s »

MT FirdOer said he welcomed the opportunity to have Mr Ellicott back in the Shadow Ministry. Mr Ellicott had told him that he now accepted the principle and the practice of the guidelines for Shadow Ministers. He had given an assurance

that his outside commitments were of a token nature and Mr Fraser had accepted that assurance.

Mr Fraser said that Senator Bonner had made a strong case for the creation of a separate shadow portfolio of Aboriginal Affairs. It was clear that the time had now come when the

Opposition Parties should have a separate spokesman on this subject, and consequently he had decided to appoint Mr Ellicott to this position.

It was a particularly appropriate appointment in view of Mr Ellicott*s strong personal interest in Aborigines and under-privileged peoples generally.

Mr Fraser emphasised that the expansion of the Shadow Ministry should not be seen as setting a precedent for the number of ministries in government. The Opposition was about to undertake a comprehensive study of the structure of

government with a view to streamlining administration and reducing the number of portfolios in government.

The advantage of an expanded front bench in Opposition was the opportunity it provided to test the potential of future Ministers. ·â– 

Mr Fraser added that Mr Ellicott, who in the previous Shadow Ministry had been spokesman for Tasmania in the House of Representatives, would again represent Tasmania in the Lower H o u s e . He would act in the House of Representatives for Senator R a e , who is now the Shadow Minister with direct responsibility for Tasmania. Senator Rae will act for Mr Ellicott on Aboriginal Affairs in the Senate.

Canberra, 7 April 1975