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Commonwealth grants for technical school buildings in Victoria

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Ministerial 117 16 October 1975

Commonwealth grants for technical school buildings in Victoria were nine times the amount the State was spending, the Australian Minister for Education, Mr Kim Beazley, said today.

Mr Beazley, replying to a statement by the Victorian Minister for Education, Mr Thompson, said Victoria was spending only $728,000 on technical education buildings,

Mr Thompson had claimed that Mr Beazley's assessment of Victoria's spending on technical education was "a furlong out".

• Mr Beazley said Mr Thompson should answer statements he had made and not statements he had not made.

He said Victoria's spending on technical education buildings was in keeping with Victoria's abject record in the last triennium as one of the States which had not planned to spend all its share of Commonwealth grants for technical education buildings.

Since Mr Thompson's criticisms had been directed at capital aspects of Commonwealth grants he (Mr Beazley) had pointed to Mr Thompson's own performance in the capital field.

At no time had Mr Thompson had the decency to acknowledge· the massive increase in capital grants for State schools in Victoria in 1974 and 1975 which had amounted to $81 million,

"There is no guarantee that capital will be the same every year any more than Mr Thompson himself has available the same capital expenditure from Victorian resources every year", Mr Beazley said.

"Victoria receives for its schools next year $29 million in capital.

"This is more than our Liberal predecessors gave every State of. the Commonwealth in their last years, 1971 and 1972.

"Altogether Victoria receives $85 million for education from the Commonwealth for State schools. It has received $150 million in 1974 and 1975.

"This is all betterment above the State's own efforts unless, indeed, Mr Thompson contrives to offset it by reductions of the State's efforts as he has done for years in technical building".

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