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Beazley announces living allowances scheme for Vietnamese and Cambodian students cut off from funds from their own countries

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Ministerial 62 5 Mav 1975


O The Australian Minister for Education, Mr Kim Beazley,

announced today in Perth that he had received the approval of the Prime Minister and of Dr Cairns, Acting Prime Minister and Treasurer, for a scheme of allowances to meet the needs of

Cambodian and Vietnamese students who were studying privately in Australia.

Mr Beazley said that there were at least 108 private students doing primary, secondary, tertiary and technical courses in Australia, most of whom were likely to have been cut off from the support of families or from funds at home. These were not

students undergoing schemes of international assistance.

The Education Department had made contact with many of the students concerned and it had been established that most were in financial difficulties, some were destitute and others would exhaust meagre resources within a very short time.

They would receive assistance adequate to meet their needs. It would be made available as if the students came within domestic schemes of assistance, though the Minister would retain some flexibility in deciding additional grants.

This means tertiary students will receive 81,600 a year plus incidental allowances, and the Minister may approve sums in addition to meet personal needs.

Postgraduate students may qualify for assistance at a rate equivalent to that available under the Postgraduate Award Scheme. This means they will receive 83,250 and incidental allowances with provision for further assistance if there are particular needs.

For secondary and primary students an allowance equivalent to the Isolated Children's Grants ranging from 8350 to 81150 a year will be made available.


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Additional assistance may be required by individual students who have been placed in a situation of exceptional hardship as a result of recent events in Cambodia and Vietnam.

' Primary and secondary students at boarding schools who would be unable to undertake or continue courses because they are cut off from support will have their board, their tuition and other fees paid and incidental expenses met.

Means tests in the ordinary sense in these cases will rarely apply. .

Some senior secondary students will need to be given tertiary allowances. 1

Mr Beazley urged the students to make contact with his Department as early as possible. He also appealed to vice-chancellors, principals of colleges of advanced education and schools, and student union and guild officials, to assist the students in their approaches

to the Department. .

Inquiries; Frank Kirwan - Perth 21 8530

Ken Henrick - Canberra 73 1343


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