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Educational research grants

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Parliament House Canberra, A.C.T. 2600

ilmsto for EeD m U ootMinisterial 19 9 February 1975 EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH GRANTS

The Australian Minister for Education, Ax Kim Beazley, announced today details of a further 21 educational research grants for 1975 worth $243,938.

A total of 68 grants have been made this year on the recommendations of the Australian Advisory Committee on Research and Development in Education. Their total value is $656,068.

Details of the 21 new grants are:

Dr D.M. Bridges - Australian Council for Educational Research: Validation and follow-up study of the Australian Test for Advanced Music Studies. $3,526

Dr R.K. Browne and Mr R.J. Skilton - Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education: Practice teaching: an analysis of present policies and desirable future directions. $16,665

Professor W..J. Campbell - University of Queensland: The consequences of the Radford scheme for secondary education in Queensland, and its reception by parents, employers and the public ■ generally. $32,800

Dr B.W. Carss - University of Queensland: The application of Content Analysis Methodology as a pre-evaluative tool for curriculum . development.

Mrs M.C. Carss - University of Queensland: The development of categories in mathematics education which relate materials to research findings, populations and syllabi.

Dr P.R. de Lacey - Wollongong University College: Immediate and long-range effects of compensatory preschooling.

Mr W.F. Donovan - Tasmanian College of Advanced Education: Personalised systems of instruction: Chemistry 1 ' and Physics 1 - a case study.





Miss A. Grant - Australian Council for Educational Research: A study of the response to the reading of fiction of pupils at the upper secondary school level. $6,970

Dr J.P. Keeves - Australian Council for Educational Research: Specialization in science at secondary school. $8,400

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Mr J.P. LeMaistre - Windsor High School: The development of an integrated curriculum, with methodology and content relevant to the interests, needs and ability of the non­

academic adolescent.

Miss H.M. McGrath - University of New England: A study of the perceptions of the impact of recent Government policy shifts on N.S.VJ. non-government schools.

Mr D.G. Palmer - Tasmanian Education Department: . Λ self-moderation procedure based on a bank of objective items.

Mrs D.M. Phillips - La Trobe University: A system of visual aids for language teaching.

Mr R.D. Phillips and Dr R.W. Rawlinson - N.S.W. Department of Education: Classroom practices and the development of cognitive facility.

Mr K.J. Piper - Australian Council for Educational Research: Research project on essential learning about society.

Dr M.E. Poole - La Trobe University: Education and the 15-18 age group.

Professor K.B. Start - University of Melbourne: The opening and first three years of an open plan school. .

Dr K.E. Tronc - Mt Gravatt Teachers College: A pilot program in the development and evaluation of videotaped simulation materials for use in pre-service courses of general

teaching techniques and inservice courses of educational administration.

Dr M. Tsounis - Flinders University of South Australia: The incidence and nature of ethnic schools in Victoria.

Associate Professor. C. Turney - University of Sydney: The role of co-operating laboratory schools in teacher education.

Professors J.S. Western and E. Roe - University of Queensland: A sociological study of the origins and early years of a new university. .










$ 20,000


$ 10,000

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