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Grant for "educational smorgasbord"

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Parliament House Canberra, A.C.T. 2 60 0

Ministerial 10 4 February 1975


A former primary school headmaster has been awarded a grant of $43,000 from Schools Commission funds to develop what he calls a "smorgasbord of educational resources" to serve the north-east . corner of N,S,¥* ' -

He is Mr L»G, Lang, former headmaster of the Southern Cross Public School at East Ballina, His grant was one of 96 announced today by the Australian Minister for Education, Mr Kim Beazley from funds administered by the Schools Commission under its

Innovations Program»

What is envisaged in Mr Lang1s project is a centre to enable any person of any age to pick out a program of educational activity for a set period,

"A boy working for an examination for entry to some vocation could quite easily attend the same crash course in mathematics as a teacher from a primary school and then a few weeks later be working at a poetry workshop alongside < , * . his grandmother", says Mr Lang,

Basic to the project is the conviction that education is not provided but facilitated, that it takes place in the individual, that no-one should be "schooled" and that people such as retired bank managers and women with grown-up children need

educational opportunities as much as six-year-olds first entering infants1 schools*

The 96 grants announced by Mr Beazley are worth $436,210» They bring to 825 the number of projects supported under the Innovations Program and to about $5*7 million the amount of money allocated»

Other major projects being funded in this series of grants (Series J) include:

- 2 -

Restructuring of Catholic education facilities in the inner-city area of Adelaide (linked to the State Education Department community school project). $34.966.

Stage 1 of a national project by a committee of the Schools Commission to attempt positive action towards removing sex-based biases in education $27.420.

Development of a learning centre in the Diamond Valley, Victoria, aimed primarily at increasing community . participation in education» $19.100» ·

A feasibility study by the Tasmanian Education Department of alternatives for adult education, geared particularly to the needs of adults not ready or sufficiently interested to embark on Higher School Certificate studies immediately upon

enrolment» $14,600»

Series J Grants No. of Projects Grants


New South Wales 21 110,657

Victoria 15 56,406

Queensland 24 73,119

South Australia 16 106,317

Western Australia 7 15,605

Tasmania 12 46,686

National 1 27,420

96 $436,210

• " ·.. >. · V.·.'

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Gary Deacon (062) 817304 (w) 882196 (h)