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NSW fire fighters working in ACT

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The Minister for the Capital Territory, Mr Eric Robinson,

j said today the 14-day period during which NSW fire fighters working in

the ACT could elect to remain with the ACT Fire Brigade or return to

NSW began today. '

Mr Robinson said that arrangements were in hand for the

, recently handed-down award conditions to be applied and for the ACT

Fire Brigade to begin payment of the new rates to serving members from

25 January. V'i . ' V

■ ■ ■ - ■ ' . . -'■■■. v ■

The Minister said that the fire service had a vital role in

the community and he looked forward to the brigade being fully established

after 25 January. ' ’


He had every confidence that the Fire Commissioner,

Mr J.K. Mundy, with the support of his officers and men, would develop

the new brigade into an efficient;and effective unit.

25 December 1975