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Proposed fuel and energy authority for the ACT

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A bold new approach to the co-ordinated distribution of all

forms of fuels and energy is to be undertaken in the A.C.T. The

Minister for the Capital Territory, Mr. Gordon Bryant, to-day

announced a proposal to establish an Energy Authority in Canberra.

Mr. Bryant emphasised the necessity to conserve the limited

energy resources throughout Australia.

"The need to rationalize the consumption and distribution of

all forms of energy-has been high-lighted by the recent energy

crisis. Yet despite this clear need none of the States has moved

to rationalize and co-ordinate fuel consumption. They continue

to promote competition and resulting inefficiency," Mr. Bryant


"In this venture I am acting as the trustee for future

generations to ensure the wise use of limited resources.

The A.C.T. Authority would ultimately be given the power'to

operate its own fuel and energy supply, storage and distribution

facilities in the A.C.T.

"The Authority will be in a position to co-ordinate and

promote the rational and efficient use of supplies of natural gas,

electricity, heating oils, solar energy, district heating and cool­

ing systems and petroleum products," Mr. Bryant said.

He emphasised that it was intended to provide an energy

advisory service to assist industrial and other users to use the

cheapest and most efficient fuel source for their purposes. ,

Mr. Bryant stressed that the Authority was not in any way

an attempt to nationalize existing supplies. "In fact with

increased storage facilities available the existing supply problems

of the oil companies will be overcome." Mr. Bryant said,

"We expect to co-operate at all stages with these companies." w

Canberra, A.C.T. 2 June, 1975.