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Apple and pear stabilisation 1975

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The Minister for Agriculture, Mr. Ian Sinclair

said today that he had determined, under the Apple and Pear

Stabilization Scheme, the average export return for varieties

of apples and pears exported in the 1975 season.

As a result of the determination, total payments

to growers for 3,424,871bushelsof apples exported at risk during

the 1975 season will be $2,705,199.


Average returns on pears exported during 1975, were

satisfactory, and no stabilisation payments will be involved.

Export duty of $1,035 is payable on 4,131bushels of

apples exported at risk while $9,228 is payable on 123,601

bushels of pears.

The determination enables payments to be made from

the relevant stabilization funds to owners of the following

varieties of apples exported at risk. The rates of stabilization

payments will be:-Apples

Granny Smith 80.0000 cents

Red Delicious 27.9162 II

Golden Delicious 80.0000 II

Crofton 80.0000 II

Coxs Orange Pippin 4.0942 II

Geeveston Fanny 80.0000 II

Tasman1s Pride 67.4482

Democrat 80.0000II

Cleopatra 80.0000II

Legana 12.0109II

Yates 45.4557

Sturmer 80.0000

Red Jonathan 80.0000 II

Other Jonathan Varieties 80.0000

Other Apple Varieties 49.0877 II

per bushel

. . ./2


. 2 . . '

Export duty will be payable into Stabilization Funds at

the rates shown by owners of the undermentioned varieties of apples

and pears exported at risk:-Apples

Scarlet Pearmain 40.9356 . cents per bushel

Rome Beauty 5.9855 I I I I I I


Packhams Triumph 12.3266 I I I I H .

Beurre Bose 14.1788 I I I I I I

Josephine 5.0422 1 1 I I I I

Winter Nelis 6.9719 I I 1 1 I t

Other Pear Varieties 2.0751 I I I I I I

Mr. Sinclair said that total apple exports for the

season amounted to 4,601,957 bushels of which 3,424,871 bushels

were exported at risk. These "at risk" shipments represent an

increase of almost 0.235 million bushels on total "at risk" exports

for the 1974 season.

Total pear exports for the 1975 season amounted to 1,701,662

bushels of which 123,601 bushels were exported at risk. These

"at risk" shipments represent a decrease of more than 1 million

bushels on total "at risk" exports for the 1974 season.

Mr. Sinclair added that as a result of the special joint

additional financial arrangements entered into by the Australian

Government with the Governments of Tasmania, Western Australia

Queensland, South Australia and Victoria for the 1975 export

season, apple growers in those States will receive payments additional

to those under the stabilization plan with respect to most of the

varieties exported.

CANBERRA, A.C.T. 21 November, 1975