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Meeting of aboriginal Australian affairs council

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9 November,1975.


The Minis tar for Aboriginal Affairs, Mr Les Oohnson., said today · ·

that the Australian Aboriginal Affairs'Council meeting in Perth on

. . ; 7 ϊ -iovembsr had provided a valuable forum for the exchange of vious

. beiueen State Ministers having responsibility in Aboriginal affairs

. and himself, representing the Australian Government. .

The Council consists of ;

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Mr Les Johnson, M.P.'

Minister for Youth,Ethnic and Community Affairs (N.S.W.) Mr S.G. Manger, M.L.A..

Minister for Housing (Vic.) Mr V.O. Dickie, M.L.C.

Minister for Aboriginal and Islanders Advancement (Qld) . Mr C.A. Wharton, M..L.A.

Minister for Community Welfare , (S.A.) Mr R.G.Payne, M.H.A.

Minister for Community Welfare (W· A . ). η η - ·'·'. • : Mr N.E.Baxter.M.L.C. t

Minister for Social Welfare (Tas.) · Mr D . J . Baldock, M . L . A.

its major issues discussed had c==- Aboriginal land rights, Police/

Aboriginal relationships and prcolams caused by alcohol abuse among

the Aboriginal community.



The Minister said that while most States already had statutory

arrangements for the vesting of land title in Aboriginal communities

similar to the arrangements proposed for the Northern Territory in the

Aboriginal Land (M.T.) Bill at present before the Australian

Parliament, he regretted that the Queensland attitude to Aboriginal

land rights remained unchanged. ■ . .

f'.r Qohnson said tret he welcomed the apparent willingness of State

n-is'csrs to seek improvements in the relationships between Aboriginals

and police forces, which will be ths subject of a Royal Commission

Inquiry in the Northern Terri carry, in addition to the Royal Commission

alia . _

' w · . ■ . - - \ r w m m

i: ; beihg::t^ddc£Stf:;iifeW^

Kr Qohcscn said that he and Hr lr. error:. Queensland Minister· for

Arrrirlrri err Islander 'Advancere-t- rad- sgreed b n t h e :need to" avoid ' . -1'' Τ''

an: eerie·- _~irh might place Torres Strait Islanders outside Australian

territory, fir Zrhneon had pointer ret that at present there is no

formal barber deteean Australia- ar-r Papua -leu Guinea, and that the

Australian Government had been . arki.og towards the creation of a

border free area unich would enters continued Australian citizenship

for the Islanders

. .re--··"


and Australian Gcvarnrants in retreat ef the border proposals could

create a situation in which acres ana cculti not be reached between

Papua New Guinea end Australia, ai:h the result that .an .external " · · :. . ... y . < ... . ■ ■"" ■ ■

authority b- the International Ceuri o.f Dus Lice ™ ..woui^'imppse a.. ■ - - - - - - ' " - ■" " ' i - - - ■

border which was Unsatisfactory t c =11-concerned, patticUlarly the

Islanders themselves.

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