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Enquiry into Laverton

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' . e n q u i r y INTO LAVERTON

(Statement by Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Senator JL Cavanagh)

, The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Senator Cavanagh, said at a public meeting in Melbourne tonight that he was still trying to establish a Royal Commission into incidents involving Aboriginals and police at Laverton, Vest Australia, in January

this year..

The Minister, who was attending a meeting called by the Aboriginal Advancement League said* "I want a Royal Commission to enquire into and report upon a number of incidents which are specified below as well as other incidents which may J>e specified by me and which are of deep concern to me. These hre Laverton and Kalgoorlie, Vest Australia, Alice Springe, Finke and Yuendumu, Northern Territory".

The Minister said tonight that after discussions with the Attorney-General and the Special Minister of State he was still endeavouring to have the Australian Government appoint a Royal Commission to enquire into several incidents involving Aboriginal communities.

He said that the Report of the Magisterial Enquiry appointed by the Vest Australian Premier, Sir Charles Court, was private and confidential. He believed that only a full jpubllc Enquiry would reveal the truth about what happened at

Laverton last January.

CANBERRA, A.C.T. 13 March 1975