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Promotion of Aboriginal in department

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(Statement by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Senator J.L. Cavanagh)

The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Senator Cavanagh, today

announced the appointment of Miss Lois O'Donohue, an Aboriginal officer

of the South Australian branch, as Acting Director of the branch during

the month of March, during the absence of Mr. John Millar who is on leave.

Another Aboriginal, Mr. Reg Saunders, has been acting in charge

of the Cairns area Office for sane weeks during the absence on leave of the

head of the Office.

The Minister also noted with pleasure the promotion of Mr. Ken

Winder to a senior Class 10 position in the Department in Canberra. The

appointment was announced in last week's Australian Government Gazette.

Senator Cavanagh said these appointments indicated that qualified

and suitable Aboriginals could be assured of advancement in the Department

of Aboriginal Affairs.


5 MARCH 1975