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Purchase of historic motor car

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CANBERRA., 13 December 19 76 PRESS RELEASE NO. 28


The Minister for Administrative Services, Senator the Hon.

R.G. Withers, announced today that the Government had purchased the

1926 Crossley Landaulette motor car used by the Duke and Duchess of

York during the royal Visit in 1927. The car was purchased from

Mr V. Alberts of Orummoyne, Sydney. The purchase price was $14,500.

Senator Withers said that this Landaulette was1 one of 12

motor cars made available to the then Commonwealth Government by the

Crossley Motor Car Company for the exclusive use of the Duke and

Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) and party

during the visit. ; As far as is known this Landaulette is one of

only two surviving vehicles from the original 'Royal Fleet1 and it

will be faithfully restored to its original condition before being

displayed. The highlight of the 1927 Royal Visit was the opening by

the Duke of York of the first session of the Commonwealth Parliament

held in the National Capital. .

Senator Withers said that this car would be a prized

acquisition by any, veteran car collector bht it was also an item of

great value for all Australians. Its association with the opening

of Federal Parliament in Canberra 50 years,ago qualified it as an

item of national historical significance. ~

Senator Withers said that the Government had acquired the

car on behalf of the Australian people for inclusion in the national

collection and it would be displayed in an appropriate place and

manner after it had been restored. The possibility of using the car

during the forthcoming Visit by the Queen, a daughter of the Duke

and Duchess of York, was also being examined he said.