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Crown Solicitor Retires

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Senator Murphy said the Commonwealth Police Force

was already providing protection at Government House and

the Prime Minister’s Lodge and shortly would be taking over

the guarding of foreign embassies in Canberra. The Force

already performed these duties at Consulates in the States.

As part of their national responsibilities, the

Commonwealth Police would be providing protective security

at all major Australian airports. Police were being

recruited and would be specially trained to deal with the

special emergencies which could occur at airports.


February 5, 1975



The Crown Solicitor, Mr. Robert Burns Hutchison,

O.B.E., has retired. ' .

Mr. Hutchison, 65, has been Crown Solicitor for

the last five years.

He began his career with the Australian Government

as a Cadet Engineer with the Postmaster-General’s Department

in 1929. He joined the Attorney-General’s Department in


He was a member of the R.A.A.F. during World War 2

arid after his discharge served with the Attorney-General’s

Department in the Deputy Crown Solicitor's Office, Townsville.

He worked in «Canberra as the Attorney-General's Department

Liaison Officer with Dr. H.V. Evatt and subsequently held a

senior position in the Legal Executive Branch of the

Department. He was appointed First Assistant Crown Solicitor

in 1961.

As Crown Solicitor, Mr. Hutchison has been


responsible for the conduct of much important constitu­

tional and other litigation in which the Australian

Government has been involved. He has been one of the

senior officers of the Attorney-General*s Department for

many years and has been one of the Department's chief

legal advisers to other Departments throughout that


He will be succeeded by Mr A.R. Heaves, formerly

the Deputy Crown Solicitor, Sydney.

Canberra ■

February 7, 1975



It is with great pleasure that one of my

‘first acts as Attorney-General is to welcome your Honour

as a Justice of the High Court of Australia.

When Your Honour was asked earlier in the

week about your appointment, you spoke of it being a very

great privilege to participate with the other judges in

the exposition of the Constitution and the interpretation

of other laws. You said 'I regard the Court as having

an extremely important place in Australia's development.

Unlike the Supreme Court in the United States, the

High Court has never really been understood by the public

or had its role recognised'.

It was typical of the high regard you have

always held for the role of this Court and the vital part

it has in the Australian system of Government. The decisions

of this Court have their effect on the lives of all

Australians. You have never disguised your admiration for

that other great federal court, the Supreme Court of the

United States, and the historic work it did, particularly under

Chief Justice Earl Warren.