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Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

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3 August 1973


The following is the text of a statement issued in

Ottawa on 2 August (Ottawa time) by the Prime Minister and

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Whitlam, at the opening of the

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting:

"The Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Mr Whitlam, said in Ottawa this morning that he., looked forward to

wide-ranging and substantial discussions about present political

trends in the world, economic issues including trade, monetary

and development questions and also on intra-Commonwealth relations,

at the Commonwealth Meeting which starts in Ottawa today.

Mr Whitlam reiterated that the Australian Government

intended to adopt a more constructive and helpful approach towards

the Commonwealth ii the future.

Although it was fashionable in some quarters to disparage

the Commonwealth, Mr Whitlam said, he hoped the Ottawa meeting

woqld give a new stimulus to constructive· cooperation and

consultation between the diverse members of the Commonwealth.

- 2 -

More than half of these members were, he added, littoral

states of the Indian and Pacific Oceans,

Mr Whitlam said he saw in the Commonwealth a very valuable

forum for cooperation, contacts and exchanges of views at all levels

He was, he added, looking forward to establishing personal

contact with a number of Heads of Government, especially from

African and Caribbean countries and to renewing personal contacts

with others, including the host Prime Minister, Mr Trudeau,

Senator Willesee’s visit in June to a number of

Commonwealth countries in Africa, the first such visit by an

Australian Minister for many years, and his own visits to India,

New Zealand, Britain and Mauritius earlier in the year, as well as

his contacts with the Prime Minister of Fiji and his recent

correspondence with the Prime Minister of Malaysia and Singapore,

Tun Razak and. Mr lee Kuan Yew, had, Mr Whitlam said, been

valuable in paving the way for effective Australian participation

in the conference, "