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Airport security

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The world should recoil in horror from the atrocities

which were perpetuated in Romo and subsequently throughout

the Middle East by fanatical terrorists,

Airport security is one area where the Australian public

is entitled to know that no arrangement,which would minimise

the risk of such a frightful occurrence happening, will be


There is a clear duty for the Department of Civil Aviation

and. for airj.ine operators to co-operate, If necessary

safety precaution regulations should be introduced. I

believe that the air transport industry is well aware of

this problem and are willing to play their part, The

Department of Civil Aviation must bo willing to give leader­

ship forthwith. The Government should direct this now.


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It is disturbing to have this area become a debarkation

dispute between the Minister for Transport and the Minister

of Labour, The reports by the ABC "PM” programme made it

clear such a conflict does exist, It is too important an

issue to be obscured by such petty political consideration.

This industry is well aware of the need to keep up to date

and to be constantly vigilant in the area of security of

passenger checks, cargo handling and tarmac· security, I

believe it is necessary to immediately authorise and require

Commonwealth. Polio : to be placed at ail passenger checkpoints

and on the tarmac to minimise the security risk.


Obviously the airline industry cannot disclose all measures

that are taken to ensure safety, but the Australian people

should be able to rely on the knowledge that all concerned

are working actively to ensure that a Rome .'tragedy does

not occur in Australia, Arguments between Ministers only

serve to delay the application of updated air security


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