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Ministerial reshuffle doesn't make sense

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The ministerial reshuffle announced this morning by the

Prime Minister was "an incomprehensible piece of plastic

surgery," the Opposition Leader, Mr, Snedden, said.

"The Prime Minister is apparently trying to patch up

the massive inefficiencies in his administration by hoping

that he might find at least one minister who can do a

reasonable job at something," Mr. Snedden said.

"He can’t sack any of the ministers he's got without a

caucus election for the entire ministry ยป so h e ’s obviously

trying to make the best of a bad bunch."

"It’s a rather desperate piece of political convenience - mainly

to try to boost the rock-bottom popularity of Mr. Enderby in

his own seat, and to try to prevent other ministers like

Mr. Bryant fighting with their own departments," Mr. Snedden said.

"But the whole reshuffle doesn't really make sense because the

ministers involved will obviously carry their previous problems

of socialist ideology and inefficiency to their new positions,"

Mr. Snedden said.

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"The one significant change is the Prime Minister's decision to

transfer his Foreign Affairs portfolio," Mr. Snedden said.

"The reason for this is obvious - he was totally incapable of

maintaining reasonable relations with a number of world leaders,

notably the British Prime Minister, Mr. Heath, the U.S. President

Mr. Nixon, and Singapore's Prime Minister, Mr. Lee."

"Before he became Prime Minister, he also failed to get on well

with Presidents Kennedy and Johnson," Mr. Snedden said.