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Announcement of address to the nation

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NOTE TO PRP;y·, -jALLiillY - jl'or information.

I . ■ ‘

Following Mr. Jhi tlar.i1 s statement to the nation last

Sunday night, Mr. Sneddon sought from the Λ . b . 0. and corm.ercial

television and radio stations . thf! opportunity to make a statement

to the nation on the problems of Inflation.

The A .B .C . agreed to hi* request and commercial

television stations a id radio stations also agreed.

Tomorrow evening, Thursday, 26 July, 1973 all Λ.Π.Ο.

television stations will broadcast Mr. Mnedden1 s 5-ilinuto

statement at 8.00 p.m.. It will bo broadcast from commercial

television stations in Sydney and Melbourne at 7 ·30 p.m., and

at varying times in other State capitals and country stations.

Radio stations will broadcast Mr. Sneddon's statement at 7·15 p.m.

(SLOPP ALLEN) Press Secretary

:: 5/7/1973.