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Fall in unemployment

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TIae dramatic fell in unemployment, reflected in the latest

statictics, suet come as a chock to Labor Minister Cameron. The figures

serve to confirm the dimension of hie earlier "200,000 unemployed"


The strong trend evidenced in the figures recults from the

economic policies of the former government. .

Any surgestion that they are due to the labor Government1c

initiatives completel;r overlooks the time lav in the direct impact which

economic measures have on the labor market*

As ore have consistently predicted there is no doubt that

unemplojfmeut has ceased to be a problem*

The difficulty rather “rill be that of over-full employment.

The major economic problem facing' Australia ic that of

inflation which has been considerably compounded by the industrial

concessions and expenditure proposals by the new administration.

Effective action to combat inflation must be taken if our

living standards are to be maintained.

This the Government has failed to do as its initial approach

has been to protect and promote the sections,! interests of the trade

union movement at the expense of the public interest.