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Report of parliamentary executive meeting conciliation and arbitration commission

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The Parliamentary Executive met this morning· and

considered a number of items among which were:-

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A report by Mr. Lynch on the conciliation and

arbitration proposals of Mr. Cameron.

The Executive was concerned that any weakening of

the authority of the Conciliation and Arbitration Commission

by the Government would seriously jeopardize the future

conduct of industrial relations in Australia and resolved

that it should call upon the Government to state unequivocally

that it supports the effective functioning of the conciliation

and arbitration system.


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The Executive has adopted as a- policy that sanctions

should remain in the Act. It strongly opposes any preferential

position being given to union officials in terms of the civil

-law. It strongly opposes benefits being confined only to

union members and will adopt such action as is appropriate

to protect the interests of those people not now members from

coercion to join unions against their will or to suffer adverse

discriminatory treatment as a result. The proposals of the

Government to do this are seen by the Opposition as an example

of the willingness to adopt policies which narrow sectional


There was a discussion on Government spending about

which a statement has been issued separately.

Mr. Street reported on the Nursing Homes issue between

the Government and the A.M.A..

There was a discussion, led by Dr. Forbes, on Defence

following on his statement which he issued earlier this week.

Senator Greenwood introduced the subjects of constitutiona

links with Britain and the forthcoming Constitutional Convention

and they will be the subject of further reports by Senator


A discussion on export incentives for industry, on the basis of a paper from Mr. Chipp, was approved by the

Executive and will be the subject of a statement by Mr. Chipp,

Briefly stated the Opposition support the continuance

of export incentives„

A discussion proceeded in relation to Government

control over the price of export of minerals including coal.

Mr. Fairbairn, in consultation with Mr. Chipp and Mr. Bonnett,

will present a paper to the Executive.

I made a report to the Executive of the discussions

I have had with Mr. Anthony about the achievement of close

co-operation between our Parties in opposition. A joint

statement was issued by Mr. Anthony and myself on 6th February,

1 973.

A further meeting of the Executive will be held next