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Choice on Election Day

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The real choice on Saturday is between socialism 1" and the Liberal way - genuine freedom of the individual·and all that . entails. . . .

. "Socialism by stealth" is no mere catchcry. Mr

Whitlam is proving as good as his Labor Pdity1 s platform. .

The platform commits Mr Whitlam to establishing or extending public enterprise, where appropriate by nationali­ sation, in a whole range of activities. .

. . Government spending is rocketing. If returned, Mr Whitlam's Government would have to spend 4lf° more than last .year, according to independent analysts, even without the introduction of new expenditure programmes.

. Dr Cairns announced two weeks ago his intention to use the Australian Industr y Development Corporation, to buy out any company it cared to. .

Mr Connor's Petroleum and Minerals Authority Bill would have the. Government involved in the oil and mineral industry from exploration through to processing., - and a built in competitive advantage.

Compulsory nationalised health makes the Government and not the patient the employer of the doctor.

The centralizing of power in Canberra is moving Government' further away from the people. The Whitlam plan for regional governments, replacing the present State and local government structure with federal branch office administrations, will, in the words of South Australian Premier, Mr Dunstan, on "This Day Tonight" eight days ago,

lead to a phasing out of the States within thirty years.

• The alternative is strong State and local govern­ . ments, democratically elected and able to fulfil their roles through supplementary federal finance geared to grow with the national revenue. ' · '

. . . The alternative is individual health care for all and compulsion for none, making the doctor work for you, not the Government. ·

It is a brake on inflationary Government spending, with protection for education, health and social service programmes. '

. It is the return to responsible economic manage­ ment that will reduce inflation and ease the intolerable pressures that are continuing to build up in costs, wages, industrial .unrest and housing. .

It is the maintenance of strong defences and a repairing of Australia's tried and tested international alliances in an uncertain world. .

■ · .· : ■ ■ " · · " - - r

It is the creation, of an economic and social climate where individuals have an equal opportunity to achieve the goals they set for themselves and their . .

. . . . families. It is the encouragement of people's own .

:. initiative and drive - the qualities which .have contri­ buted so much to building the Australian nation. Only ' ^ through the development and encouragement of individual enterprise can. Australia' provide the resources to enable us to care compassionately and adequately for the weak and the sick and to discriminate positively in favour of .

the disadvantaged in our community. ■

I believe Australians do not want to be . circumscribed by socialism. They do not want a growing • interference by Canberra with all our lives. They do not beli . . eve that Canberra is more Important than' individuals, nor

that;Government action is important in its own right. Australians believe that governments are only important while they remain the true servants of the. people they presume to lead. ■ · ’ . ' . ·

' If Mr whitlam wins on Saturday. and.. is.given the

---chance-rtcr~impztenreiTf""ills ”alsfast"efΰί electoral proposals, socialism may have many years in which to blossom . ■ unchecked in Australia.· ■ ' ' . . . . . . . . w