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Australia Party Preferences

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There will be a polarisation of votes for the traditional political parties at the coming Federal election.

The Australia Party vote will decline for this reason and also because its own policy statements have uncovered its true position in the political spectrum - at the elbow of the A.L.P.

Formerly disgruntled non-Labor voters, whom the Australia Party once counted in their ranks, have read the policy and they have bailed out largely I believe in the direction of a revitalised Liberal Party.

The Australia Party's Foreign and Defence policies are even more extreme than Labors. For example, they openly condemn the AHZUS Treaty, a major guarantee of Australia's security. The Labor Party wants that but has not the political cour ge to say so.

The Australia Party seeks a phasing-out of the States. The only member of the A.L.P. to advocate that so far in this campaign has been the South Australian Premier, Mr. Dunstan, who said on ABC Television last Tuesday night that under Labor the States would cease

to exist in 30 years time.

The Australia Party is more honest than Labor in that it declares openly it's objectives while the A.L.P. seeks to hide it's true objectives.

The affinity between the two parties was revealed clearly in the preference deals. When only a single Senate election was due the Australia Party preferences were not going to count, in Victoria at least it was suggested that their preferences might be directed

to the Liberal Party.

However, as soon as the double dissolution occurred and as soon as the Australia Party preferences became more significant in the possible return of an additional Labor Senator, Australia Party preferences were firmly directed towards Labor.

Once people may have seen the Australia Party as a moderate middle- of-the-road group, today its preference deals and policy statements have blown the cover. Intending Australia Party voters would do better to vote directly for the Labor Party. Their real interest has always been the destruction of the Liberal/Country Party

Government to compel a change in Liberal Party policies which would take them closer to Labor.

There is one other major point against the Australia Party. It is the play thing of one man. What we want for Australia is political

parties that have their roots and support in thousands of average people throughout the country, not in the whims and inclinations of one financial supporters.


May 10, 1974